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Oncomfort launches its new generation of Sedakit™ X Product news – 2021-02-18

The Sedakit™ X sets the new standard for interactive therapeutic sessions of Digital Sedation™ 

Oncomfort has just launched Sedakit™ X, its new portable solution integrating its certified medical device to relieve patients' anxiety and pain during a medical procedure thanks to Digital Sedation™.

The Sedakit™ X comes with a fully integrated virtual reality headset controlled by the new Oncomfort Manager, available on a smartphone or tablet. Above all, the innovation offers flexibility in adapting to the patient's needs throughout the therapeutic session. The configuration interface of the Oncomfort Manager evolves to become a controller of the therapy session. It also integrates SILVA, the new therapeutic Module for adults with high dissociation potential. The Sedakit™ X is fully compliant with the IEC-60601-1-2 safety standards for electro-medical device for electromagnetic compatibility and is therefore officially certified for use in the medical environment, similar as its predecessor.

When the patient is set up for the medical procedure with the Oncomfort VR glasses, the doctor or nursing staff start the therapeutic session from the smartphone or tablet and follow the live progress on the screen within the Oncomfort Manager. The app brings several new features, such as the control of the therapy session parameters, the possibility to lengthen or shorten the session, the smart end with the triggering of the awaking phase, the recalibration of the image in case of a change in the patient's position,... The doctor or nursing staff can also interact vocally with the patient throughout the session to inform him/her about the gesture, about a specific action such as a change of position or to ask a question.

The Sedakit™ X and the new version of Oncomfort Manager are available from 18th February 2021. The new version of Oncomfort Manager will also be available with limited functionality for all users of Sedakit™ M7/M8. Users will also benefit from the new SILVA module in 12 languages by running the free update. An upgrade will allow existing customers to upgrade to Sedakit™ X.

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