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Become a member of our Oncomfort team! We are welcoming creative professionals to grow our business.

Administrative Assistant

The Administrative Assistant is a key member of the Oncomfort team, and will help managers and employees increase their capacity and thus the overall productivity of the company. 

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Lead Engineer

Our hands-on chief technology officer/Lead Engineer (CTO/LE) will be in charge of Oncomforts’ technology and technological resources.

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Clinical session designer

Our Digital Sedation™ sessions library is adapted to specificities of patients, indications, as well as to health care professional’s identified needs. Sound design and development of these digital therapies is key.

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Clinical Research Coordinator

To bring clinical innovation into evidence-based medicine and reimbursement tracks, clinical research is key.

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Sales Director

Growing Oncomfort's commercial success into standard of care use of Digital Sedation™ is its first priority. As Commercial Director, you will be in charge of the management of sales and the growth of presence in the market.

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