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Non-pharmacological pain & anxiety management

The three pillars of Digital Sedation™

Clinical hypnosis to bring the patient into a state of dissociation

A clinically validated technique to modify the patient’s state of consciousness. Digital Sedation™ makes clinical hypnosis accessible without training in clinical hypnosis.

Hypnotherapy is an evidence-based mind-body technique that modifies a patient’s state of consciousness. Patients are in a state of focused attention involving focal concentration and inner absorption with a relative suspension of peripheral and personal awareness, making them unaware of the environment surrounding them.

The Oncomfort Sedakit™ allows for standard adoption of Digital Sedation™. Thanks to the technology, Digital Sedation™ is available without requiring training in clinical hypnotherapy.

connected dots
Integrative therapeutic techniques as reinforcing tools

Oncomfort applies tailored therapeutic approaches based on the clinical indication and settings.

A wide range of evidence-based approaches are integrated into our solution to reinforce the effect of Digital Sedation™ on the desired outcome. These approaches include mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR), exposure therapy (ET), cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and other therapeutic approaches.

virtual reality headset
Virtual Reality as an easily accessible and powerful enabler

The immersive medium that combines all other techniques. Suitable for both adults and children, user-friendly and portable.

Virtual Reality (VR) is the powerful immersive medium that Oncomfort relies on to combine the above medical techniques into the unique patient experience of Digital Sedation™. Suitable for both adults and children, this technology enhances patients’ state of absorption through immersive auditory and visual experiences while shielding them from environmental stimuli. Oncomfort’s Virtual Reality technology is user-friendly and portable: just put it on!

CE-marked software as a medical device

The application has been co-created with multidisciplinary medical experts having deep clinical and scientific knowledge in this field.

The Digital Sedation™ is tailored to the patient’s age and language, the clinical indication and the duration of intervention.

patient with VR glasses, doctors and a nurse in a operating room

From light sedation to deep sedation; the range of procedures and uses has no limitation. Digital Sedation™ can even be used a distraction tool during medical interventions that are often performed without sedation. Find out how Digital Sedation™ is used in:  

The patient is dissociated or distracted from the stressful medical environment

Sedakit X2 with tablet

Oncomfort Sedakit™,
all-in-one portable solution

The Oncomfort Sedakit™ is an all-in-one portable solution to deliver Digital Sedation™. The Oncomfort Sedakit™ makes Digital Sedation™ simple, easy and accessible for both adults and children in a wide range of medical interventions. It respects the strict hygiene requirements of a medical environment.

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