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Oncomfort launches SILVA, its new Digital Sedation™ module Clinical news – 2020-11-18

The Sedakit™ developed by Oncomfort is enriched with a new therapeutic session for adults, certified as a medical device. 

Oncomfort has just launched SILVA, a new module that enriches its library of solutions for the treatment of anxiety and pain for patients undergoing a medical procedure.

SILVA, which features a walk in the forest, is aimed at inducing a state of dissociation comparable to moderate or deep sedation, and is particularly suitable for populations suffering from respiratory disorders. SILVA uses a wide range of psychophysiological techniques which provide a significant anxiolytic impact and induce a targeted state of dissociation.

Oncomfort offers now 4 Digital Sedation™ modules for adults and 4 for children. Each module is designed to relieve anxiety and pain in a diagnostic or therapeutic setting. The Digital Sedation™ modules are adapted to a large range of interventions, to the different phases of the medical journey - before, during or after procedures - and to the specific characteristics of the patient, such as age and language. This therapeutic technique also offers many advantages to medical staff, such as enhanced procedural conditions - smoother and uninterrupted - which can reduce its duration.

The SILVA module is an approved CE Class I medical device. It will be available in 11 patient languages from mid-December 2020 for all customers through the Oncomfort Manager update.