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Webinar - Digital Sedation™ : Virtual Reality Hypnosis in Anesthesiology


  • Interventional pain and anxiety: a major healthcare challenge
  • Anesthesiologists and Intensive Care Medicine: our goals around medical procedures
  • Overview of current standard of care to manage pain and anxiety in anesthesiology
  • Complements and/or alternatives to pain and anxiety management
    • Clinical Hypnosis and Hypnosedation
    • Digital Sedation™
  • Conclusion and perspectives


  • Pr. Marie-Elisabeth Faymonville, Anaesthesiologist
  • Diane Jooris, Chief Scientific Officer & co-founder Oncomfort


  • Stefaan Carlier, Anaesthesiologist AZ Groeninge, BSAR-APSAR President

The content is taylored for  :

  • Anaesthetists
  • Paediatric anaesthetists
  • Intensive care


  • 1 hour