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Meet our innovative Oncomfort team

Meet our innovative Oncomfort team

  • Jean-Philippe Allar
    Jean-Philippe Allar
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Aymeric Harmant
    Aymeric Harmant
    Chief Commercial Officer
  • Diane Jooris
    Diane Jooris
    Founder and Chief Scientist Officer

    I created Oncomfort to make this non-pharmacological option available to patients by using Virtual Reality technology. I am a mental health expert with a Master’s degree in clinical psychology and have trained extensively in several therapeutic approaches.

    I worked in a major cancer centre (MD Anderson, Houston, Texas), where I provided clinical hypnosis to patients undergoing surgeries and procedures.

  • Julien Tesse
    Julien Tesse
    Chief Product Officer

    I am passionate about applying new technologies for societal benefits and strive to develop the best possible products for the benefit of patients and healthcare professionals. I have built experience in digital marketing and digital business intelligence while working as an eBusiness consultant.

    I hold a Master’s degree in business engineering from the University of Louvain-la-Neuve (UCL) with a specialisation in entrepreneurship (CPME).

  • Corina Cucuruza
    Corina Cucuruzac
    Sales Director
  • Rein Callewier
    Rein Callewier
    Business Development Manager

    I am very interested in the development and potential of new technologies in healthcare. I have more than 30 years of experience in pharmaceutical and medical sales as a key account manager.

    I joined Oncomfort as a Business Development Manager in Clinical Virtual Reality in Flanders.

  • Thérèse Monniez
    Thérèse Monniez
    Business Development Manager

    As a senior salesperson in the medtech ecosystem, my main concern is to be a reliable partner for my customers. Strongly interested in technological innovation and its applications in improving care (both for patients and caregivers).

    I was naturally enthusiastic to join the Oncomfort team as Business Development Manager for the French-speaking part of Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

  • Clémence Toussaint
    Clémence Toussaint
    Analysis and Development Engineer

    I am passionate about connecting engineering and healthcare domains. Making clinical data meaningful and valuable is also really exciting for me. My incentive is to challenge those skills to develop innovative products that benefit patients and healthcare professionals.

    As a recent graduate, I hold a Masters’ degrees in biomedical engineering and epidemiology.

  • Véronique Cesbron
    Véronique Cesbron
    Application engineer France

    I had the chance to try the Sedakit™ as a nurse working in the vascular access unit at the Centre Léon Bérard. Convinced of the benefits for the patient, I am in charge of accompanying French hospitals in the implementation of this new digital therapy.

  • Laurence
    Laurence de Crombrugghe
    Administrative assistant

    Thanks to my experience and dynamism, I embark on new projects enthusiastically and always want to be of service to others. I have more than 20 years of experience as an assistant in various sectors and hold a Bachelor’s degree in communication.

  • Frederic Heraly Oncomfort
    Frederic Heraly
    Quality Regulatory Manager

    With over 30 years of experience in software development and quality assurance, I know the importance of its added value and its contribution to designing and creating safe and effective products for healthcare professionals and patients.

  • Sophie Derecque
    Sophie Derecque
    HR Manager & Executive Assistant
  • Caroline Quoilin
    Caroline Quoilin
    Clinical Research Manager

    I am a neuroscientist with experience in clinical and preclinical research. After obtaining my PhD in psychological sciences at the University of Liège, I worked as a researcher in Indianapolis, USA, and at the UCLouvain, Belgium. I am particularly interested in applied research and have always been attracted to scientific projects that can improve the quality of life of patients, a goal that fits perfectly with my new position as clinical session designer at Oncomfort.


  • Benoît Smidts
    Benoît Smidts
    Supply chain & operations manager
  • Fabian Haquin
    Fabian Haquin
    Software Engineer VR

    My name is Fabian Haquin, I’m 32, I grew up in Brussels and I was mostly living in Vorst town.

    I finished my high school studies in an art school then moved out to live on my own in Namen to study computer graphics with an expertise in video-games design.

    For my junior years as a professional I worked in a B2B market mostly making entertaining digital applications for brands like Coca Cola, Perrier or Nestle. I worked on a large panel of technology as the goal was to innovate with new digital solutions.
    After four years I’ve been recruited in a VR video-games company specialised on large scale tracking. As it is still a very recent technology, we were always working with the latest tech available on the market.
    I’m also a father of two girls, Lucie 6 years old and Luna 7 years old.

    My main interests are travelling, reading, cooking, playing board games or video games. I also enjoy mind-games and puzzles. I’m interested in psychology and science subjects. I like to spend time on youtube watching popular scientific information videos like Veritasium or VSauce.

    I’m also a meme enthusiast who spends too much time on Reddit in my free time.

  • Michael Vandendriessche - Software Engineer Android / VR
    Michael Vandendriessche
    Software Engineer Android / VR
  • Adedoyin Adedipe
    Adedoyin Adedipe
    Software Engineer Backend-Frontend
  • Caroline Merlier
    Caroline Merlier
    3D Artist VR
  • Maarten Roelandt
    Maarten Roelandt
    Product Manager
  • Renuka DEVI
    Renuka Devi
    Test Automation Developer
  • You? Join our innovative team

Oncomfort board members

  • Karl Schweitzer
    Karl Schweitzer
    Chairman of the board

    I have built a significant experience as business leader in medical device in the fields of neurology and cardiology where I launched several industry-firsts. From 1991 till 2013, I held multiple global leadership functions in different international companies such as Physio-Control, Boston Scientific and Medtronic. From 2014 onwards, I moved into entrepreneurial innovation in medtech start-ups in neuromodulation as CEO of EBS Technologies, President International of Autonomic Technologies and co-founder and CEO of Neuromodtronic. I built a strong track record as advisor, executive and fundraising support. I currently hold director and chairman positions in Biomodex and Neuromodtronic. I also serve as strategic advisor to Novostia.  

  • Vincent Lepreux
    Vincent Lepreux
    Debiopharm, Director

    I am the Associate Director at Debiopharm Innovation Fund, investing in start-up companies in Digital Health area. I have over 15 years of experience in finance, mainly in mergers & acquisitions, analysing, evaluating, and helping companies in their development plans. I hold a master’s degree in finance from Paris Dauphine University.

  • delphine cardi
    Delphine Cardi
    Crédit Mutuel Innovation, Director

    I am investment director at Crédit Mutuel Innovation, venture capital subsidiary of Crédit Mutuel Equity, member of Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale (France). For more than 15 years, our objective is to provide long-term equity support by investing our own capital into innovative companies running in dynamic fields with strong growth potential in order to foster their development. After a first experience in the pharmaceutical industry at Boehringer Ingelheim, I have joined since 2009 the field of innovation support, firstly at CNRS Innovation and then at SATT Lutech. I thereby acquired a strong experience in the identification, the positioning, the protection, the development, the financing, the marketing and the transfer of innovative projects. I hold a MSc degree in biotechnology (ENSTBB) and a PhD degree in biochemistry (Paris-Saclay University, CEA Saclay).

  • Diane Jooris
    Diane Jooris
    Oncomfort, Director

    I created Oncomfort to make this non-pharmacological option available to patients by using Virtual Reality technology. I am a mental health expert with a Master’s degree in clinical psychology and have trained extensively in several therapeutic approaches.

    I worked in a major cancer centre (MD Anderson, Houston, Texas), where I provided clinical hypnosis to patients undergoing surgeries and procedures.

  • Jérôme Majoie
    Jérôme Majoie
    Fondation Majoie, Director

    I am the General Manager of the Foundation Fournier-Majoie, a venture philanthropic foundation dedicated to recognising and supporting innovative and entrepreneurial researchers or teams. I have 14 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry at Lipha-Merck, Pfizer and Fournier Group in Sales Marketing, Business Development and Licensing departments. I have lived and worked in the USA, the UK, Sweden, Japan as General Manager.

    Since 2005, I'm coaching start-up companies in the biotech industry. I hold a MBA from Hartford University (CT, USA).

  • tanja dowe
    Tanja Dowe
    Debiopharm, Observer

    I am the CEO of Debiopharm Innovation Fund, the digital health investment arm of Debiopharm. Passionate about helping patients through digital innovation and solving the issues of pharmaceutical development through data and AI, I am constantly looking to connect with ambitious entrepreneurs that do not settle for status quo. My background as an entrepreneur and international transaction & strategy consultant gives me the depth to support start-up CEOs and boards in navigating the product development, team building and commercial growth paths. Through my 20+ year career, I have worked with more than 80 medical & healthcare companies globally. With an educational background including a Master of Sciences in Applied Microbiology and Biochemistry from the Aalto University, Helsinki, I have brought my scientific expertise and business acumen to my experiences as a board member and chairwoman of multiple start-up portfolio companies with a track record of successful exits.

  • Tanguy Besson
    Tanguy Besson
    Crédit Mutuel Innovation, Observer

    I am Associate at Crédit Mutuel Innovation, venture capital subsidiary of Crédit Mutuel Equity, member of Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale (France). For more than 15 years, our objective is to provide long-term equity support by investing our own capital into innovative companies running in dynamic fields with strong growth potential in order to foster their development. I hold a MSc degree at Imperial College London and a BSc at University College London in Biotechnology. In parallel, I gained experience in an biotech asset management fund at Financière Arbevel and in Nanobiotix R&D division.

  • Colin Loyens
    Colin Loyens
    S.R.I.W., Observer

    After 10 years of experience in Research & Development, quality control and site management, I founded Kiss Ecology, an ecological and societal transition by targeted monetary creation. In the last 3 years, I am also investment manager at S.R.I.W. (Société Régionale d’Investissement de Wallonie) investing in projects with added value for the society.

  • Vincent Colard
    Vincent Colard
    WSL, Observer

Clinical Advisory Board

  • Pr Steven Laureys
    Pr. Steven Laureys

    Pr. Steven Laureys, MD PhD FEAN, is a world-renown, award-winning neuroscientist and clinical neurologist, recognised worldwide as a leading researcher in the field of cognitive neuroscience, neuromodulation, neuroplasticity, and the neurology of consciousness (#1 ranked worldwide according to expertscape).

    He is Research Director at the Belgian Fund of Scientific Research, founder and head of the ‘Brain Clinic’ at the Liège University Hospital in Belgium, founder of the ‘Coma Science Group’ and founding-director of the ‘GIGA Consciousness’ Research Unit at Liège University, co-director of the Hangzhou International Consciousness Institute in China and invited Professor at CERVO Brain Centre, Laval University, Canada. Prof. Dr. Laureys has received awards from the European Academy of Neurology, European Academy of Sciences, European Award in Medicine (2022), German Max Planck Society and US Society of Cognitive Neuroscience. He has published over 550 scientific articles on brain plasticity, neuroimaging and the workings of the human mind (H-index >125) and ten scientific books including ‘The Neurology of Consciousness’. Dr Laureys is a fellow of the Belgian Royal Academy of Medicine and co-founder of Mind Care International Foundation. 

    Steven is also known a bestselling author and in high demand as a speaker and approachable expert of brain science. With his team, he explores the human mind in health and disease using the latest brain imaging technologies and wearables.

  • Pr Patrice Forget
    Pr. Patrice Forget

    Pr. Patrice Forget, M.D. Ph.D., has worked as Clinical Professor in Anaesthesia and Pain Medicine in Belgium, and as President of the Belgian Pain Society. In 2019, he has been appointed as Clinical Chair in Anaesthesia at the University of Aberdeen (UK), and Honorary Consultant at the NHS Grampian.
    He is involved in clinical research, focused on mainly pain, perioperative epidemiology and clinical pharmacology. For the last ten years, as principal investigator and/or national coordinator, he published more than 150 articles, letters or editorials.

    He is the Chair of the PANDOS (Pain AND Opioids after Surgery) ESAIC Research Group (European Society of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care).

  • Professeur François Cornelis, M.D. PH.D FCIRSE
    Pr. François Cornelis

    Francois Cornelis, M.D. Ph.D., has worked as Professor of Radiology and as Head of the Interventional Radiology Department of Sorbonne University, Paris France. In 2021, he has been appointed as Member of the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and faculty of the Weil Cornell Medical College, New York, USA.
    He is involved in experimental and clinical research, focused mainly on pain, bone tumors, and interventional neuro oncology. For the last fifteen years, as principal investigator, he published more than 150 articles, review, or editorials.

  • Dr Arnaud Bosteels
    Dr Arnaud Bosteels

    Arnaud Bosteels  is a Belgian anaesthesiologist working in the anaesthesia department of the hospital Saint-Jean in Brussels. During his career he has taken several leading roles in hospital management. His focus in anaesthesia is cardiac, regional anaesthesia and peri-operative medicine. He is the founder of the virtual reality unit of the hospital, providing VR for relaxation and anxiety throughout the hospital. He is the founder of Melimpus, a company providing VR solutions to enhance the care for burnout. He is a strong believer of innovation in healthcare as long as it respects the concept of the quadruple aim: better care experience for the individual, better health for the population, all of that at reduced costs and increased health professional satisfaction.

  • Pr Faymonville
    Pr. M.E. Faymonville

    Marie-Elisabeth Faymonville graduated as a Doctor of Medicine from the University of Liège. She is a specialist in Anesthesia, a Doctor of Clinical Sciences and an Associate of Higher Education.  She started her career as a research fellow at the FNRS and developed in 1992 a new anesthesia technique, hypnosedation.  Various clinical studies and research works focused on the investigation of the neuroanatomical mechanisms of different states of consciousness, including hypnosis, allowed her to promote hypnosis as an interesting tool in Medicine.  As head of the department of Algology - Palliative Care from 2004 to 2018, she developed innovative approaches based on self-hypnosis and self-care training for oncology and chronic pain patients.  She is coordinator, since March 2020, of the OASIS Wellness Center which will open its doors next November in the Arsène Burny Cancer Institute, attached to the University Hospital of Liege.

    Her numerous publications and awards have allowed her to gain international recognition in the field of hypnosis.

Awards & recognition

Oncomfort’s innovation has been recognised through a dozen medical, scientific and business awards.
We thank our partnering healthcare professionals and providers across the globe who believed in our vision and decided to become pioneers in the use of Digital Sedation™. Great patient care is not possible without the support of great medical teams.