Better clinical care through virtual reality

Oncomfort provides patients with stress, anxiety, and pain self-management tools as well as education about their medical journey.


Stress, anxiety, and often pain are a part of the medical journey before, during and after interventions and treatments. Healthcare typically responds with medication as a solution. Oncomfort offers a simple, effective, non-pharmacological solution that is plug and play, multilingual, and available 24/7. No training is required.

When to use our products?

Patient’s stress and anxiety peak at key moments of treatments. For example, in an invasive or imaging procedure, they peak right before. Stress and anxiety also increase at the start of new treatments. These are the unique, critical and acute moments in the medical journey that we currently focus on. We are continuously expanding and improving our modules library. The selection below is what is available now.


In any stressful
situation AQUA


During invasive
procedure AMO


chemotherapy KIMO


Before MRI or
radiotherapy SPACIO


During a short
procedure STELLA


Coming soon

Aqua: a global solution to stress in medical journey

A common issue: stress before procedures and surgeries, and during procedures. This stress impacts patients satisfaction, outcomes, time spent in the procedure room, medical teams….. AQUA is a simple and efficient solution to help your patients be  more comfortable and calm. They are so immersed that their perception of pain and time changes.

Pioneering User Base

A significant group of 300 pioneering doctors and more than 25.000 patients have experienced our modules successfully in the last year. Our modules are used in different clinical settings such as: oncology, cardiology, IVF, pulmonary care, and intensive care units.

  • I use Oncomfort’s products for my varicose vein laser ablation procedures. My patients clearly feel way more comfortable. Because both their pain and anxiety are drastically decreased, I can fully focus on the procedure and be more efficient.

    Fadi Alameddine, MD
    Fadi Alameddine, MD Interventional Cardiologist
  • We use Oncomfort’s products in acute care and pre-operative patients for breast surgery, mainly on those with high anxiety. I also use it during post-operative period when patients are really experiencing nervous crisis or nervous exhaustion. It is incredible to see how patients and surgeons feel more comfortable and relaxed in only 18 minutes!

    Herve Rosay, MD
    Herve Rosay, MD Anesthesiologist Centre Leon Berard, Lyon, France
  • As an oncology breast surgeon, I see every day patients suffering from extreme levels of anxiety. We use Oncomfort’s solutions to help them feeling more relaxed and comfortable before their surgery. The results are mind-blowing in terms of emotional and physical comfort. We also notice an impact on the use of medication and the duration of hospital stay

    Martine Berliere, MD
    Martine Berliere, MD Breast Surgeon Cliniques Universitaires Saint Luc, Brussels, Belgium

Our Awards and Recognitions

We are humbled by the recognition of an international medical community. As a start-up breaking ground with new multilingual technology applications that integrate psychological interventions into virtual reality, the international awards received in the past years are fully appreciated.

They trust Oncomfort

We want to thank our partner doctors and providers across the globe who believed in our vision and decided to become pioneers in the use of our products. These doctors and providers create a real shift in paradigm in medical care! Special thanks to:


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