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Oncomfort appoints Jean-Philippe Allar to Chief Executive Officer Wavre – 2022-11-10

Oncomfort SA, the leader in Digital SedationTM for relieving patients’ pain and anxiety without medication, is pleased to announce the appointment of Jean-Philippe Allar as Chief Executive Officer of Oncomfort. With this appointment, Oncomfort brings on board experienced leadership to guide the organisation in its global expansion and for the realization of the company’s strategy in Digital Sedation™ 

Oncomfort, the Belgian start-up creator of Digital SedationTM, a medical device for relieving patients’ pain and anxiety using clinically proven therapeutic sessions in Virtual Reality, announces the appointment of Jean-Philippe Allar as its Chief Executive Officer, effective on November 1st 2022.

Jean -Philippe (JP) Allar has held CEO and other executive leadership positions at multiple medical device companies including MicroTransponder, Neurotech (acquired by Sorin Medical), Cyberonics and Guidant. JP brings 32 years of experience in the medical device industry, where he established new therapies in Europe and in 50 distributor markets in Asia, Middle East, Australia, Canada, Latin-America and Africa.

As CEO of Oncomfort, JP will provide the vision, the strategy and day-to-day execution of our priorities to ensure the expansion of Oncomfort’s Digital Sedation™ so that all patients can benefit from it.

In his first statement JP said: “It is extremely exciting to move to a new era in the healthcare field with a growing interest in the use of VR-based therapies in multidisciplinary symptom management. I am eager to meet the team and collaborate to bring Oncomfort to scale-up phase and beyond”. 

“I am very excited that we will have this best-in-class international medtech executive join our company as the new leader! I am convinced that under JP’s leadership Oncomfort will prosper and become the number one Digital Sedation company!”, says Karl Schweitzer, Chairman of Oncomfort.


Jean-Philippe Allar