SPACIO: Virtual Reality Experience for pediatric patients

Ease pediatric patient’s anxiety before MRI

Get ready for MRI!

Spacio is an immersive experience for pediatric patients aimed at inducing relaxation before having an MRI or a radiotherapy session. Spacio helps them become accustomed to the sounds, noises and MRI confinement.


What are the core components?

  • Distraction
  • Desensitization to noise and MRI confinement.
  • Training in deep breathing and relaxation
  • Reward for absence of movement/ stillness

What are the possible benefits for users?

  • Time distortion: positive modification of time perception
  • Overall relaxation and improvement of emotional well-being
  • De-dramatization of MRI confinement
  • Improved perceived self-efficacy
  • Fast preparedness for the imaging procedure compared to sham MRI
  • Potentially reduced need for sedation

What are the possible benefits for the medical team and medical institutions?

  • Reduced motion or ghost artifacts in images, better clinical information
  • Reduced retake rate and optimization of the flow of the MRI suite
  • Reduction of costs, more efficient use of human resources
  • Higher patient satisfaction

When can SPACIO be used?

  • In the waiting area, before MRI


English, Spanish, French, Dutch, Classical Arabic


13-16 minutes

What makes our solution unique?


Embedded therapeutic approaches backed by decades of clinical research.

Fully Immersive

A complete visual and auditive immersion through a 360 degrees view and 3D audio.


Adapted to clinical situations, from diagnosis to long-term survivorship or end of life.


65% reduction in anxiety in 18 minutes (pilot data).


24/7. Plug and play.
No training required.


Adults and children.
Patients, caregivers, families and medical teams

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