KIMO: Virtual Reality Experience for pediatric patients

Improve chemotherapy experience with positive distraction and empowerment

A better chemotherapy experience

Kimo is an immersive experience aimed to provide basic education to pediatric patients on how chemotherapy works. Kimo is also a positive and fun distraction to help children experience less stress and anxiety before and during chemotherapy.


What are the core components?

  • Basic education
  • Distraction
  • Challenging amusement
  • Competitive gaming
  • Clinical hypnosis

What are the possible benefits for users?

  • Time distortion: positive modification of time perception
  • Overall relaxation and improvement of well-being
  • De-dramatization of the treatment
  • Improved perceived self-efficacy
  • Increased compliance to treatment

What are the possible benefits for the medical team and medical institutions?

  • Improved patient outcomes
  • Shorter recovery times
  • Reduced length of stay at the hospital
  • Improved work flow
  • Procedures made easier with calmer patients

When can KIMO be used?

  • Before chemotherapy
  • During chemotherapy


English, Spanish, French, Dutch, Classical Arabic


13-16 minutes

What makes our solution unique?


Embedded therapeutic approaches backed by decades of clinical research.

Fully Immersive

A complete visual and auditive immersion through a 360 degrees view and 3D audio.


Adapted to clinical situations, from diagnosis to long-term survivorship or end of life.


65% reduction in anxiety in 18 minutes (pilot data).


24/7. Plug and play.
No training required.


Adults and children.
Patients, caregivers, families and medical teams

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