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New Oncomfort Manager 3.0 brings faster, easier and more powerful Digital Sedation™ Product news – 2020-08-31

In September, Oncomfort releases its upgraded Oncomfort Manager 3.0 software for the Sedakit™ device to all customers across Europe.

The Oncomfort Manager is the configuration application which guides healthcare professionals to select and start the right clinical session for the right intervention and indication.

The Oncomfort Manager integrates a new update management system that is up to 35 times faster than the current one.

The AQUA module has been modified to allow a much faster induction of patients in short and medium cases. The new induction time is ranging from 1 to 5 minutes depending on the total duration of the module.

In addition, the application includes a survey mode to quantify and strengthen the impact of Digital Sedation™.

New Oncomfort Manager