Better clinical care through virtual reality

Oncomfort provides patient education in stress, anxiety, and pain management as well as education about the medical journey.


Stress, anxiety, and often pain are a part of the medical journey before, during and after interventions and treatments. Healthcare typically responds with medication as a solution. Oncomfort offers a simple, effective, non-pharmacological solution that is plug and play, multilingual, and available 24/7. No training is required.


  • Improved patient management
  • Improved work flow
  • Simple and easy Plug and Play
  • Less stressful work environment for both provider AND patient
  • Greater provider concentration and efficiency
  • Higher quality of care
  • Reduced readmissions
  • Reduced costs
  • Increased patient satisfaction metrics

Extensive research and clinical work with patients consistently reveal the significant role of stress management in successful patient outcomes. Stress has a tremendous negative impact on patients’ emotional quality of life, as it has been correlated with pain and prolonged recovery time.

Anxiety also has a negative physiological impact on the wellbeing of patients. Anxiety can weaken the immune system and alter hormonal levels, and it can also affect biology long term.

Medical providers actively seeking non-pharmacologic alternatives for stress and anxiety management can integrate the Oncomfort solution for better more successful clinical care. We connect psychological interventions such as clinical hypnosis (CH), cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), exposure therapy (ET), acceptance & commitment therapy (ACT) and mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) to cutting edge virtual reality technology. Research on Oncomfort products has shown that our modules reduce long term costs, readmission rates, and improves both the quality of care and patient satisfaction.

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