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Explore how 6 amazing teams are utilizing immersive technology for good

It’s been a year now since the launch of the Oculus and the HTC Vive, and the VR-hype-train seems to only be accelerating in 2017. It almost stands to reason to assume that gaming and entertainment are still the two primary content drivers behind the technology, yet other areas and industries of our day-to-day life seems to have gradually built up courage and taken a look at what made VR appetizing, and then applied it to their own fields of work. We’ve seen educational content for schools,commercial examples engaging consumers and yes – even medical virtual reality, which we will be discussing today.

Let’s explore 6 incredible examples of medical virtual reality. All of these individual projects are herculean accomplishments in their own right, and they all do a great deal of good, which is the rationale in this not being a numbered list. Without further ado, let’s get to it!


Oncomfort Facilitates VR-based Pain Relief and Self Management for Cancer Patients

It would seem that the use of Virtual Reality as a tool for good has reached far and wide these past few years. Next up on our list is the Belgium-based Oncomfort, an award-winning company whose main focus and heart-warming mission is to utilize VR technology to provide patients (mainly with cancer) with anxiety and pain self-management tools.

“Oncomfort leverages virtual reality technology to help train patients in stress management techniques, give them easy-to- understand information, and help them feel more in control, calm, and comfortable.” – Diane Jooris

In a world where the main discussion around “what’s going to make or break the industry”, this makes the mentioning of whether or not these devices might run the latest version of Grand Theft Auto entirely obsolete. The fact that this thing we do can make life even a little bit easier for those unfortunate enough to find themselves with a diagnose like that, is reason enough for us to keep going.

The company focuses on the use of the Samsung GearVR which arguably is one of the most efficient pieces of mobile VR technology. Its visual capabilities is one of the most refined in the realm of mobile VR. The use of a plug-and-play solution makes it quick and easy for the team to initiate treatment without the use of heavy machinery. Efficient, emphatic, effective.

Medical Field: Pain Relief, Anxiety Management
Company / Organization: Oncomfort


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